Thursday, February 10, 2011

January 24, 2011 -Comments from DJ

I wanted to share a particular event that testify to power of faith and prayers. Elder Senator and I as always prayed for Heavenly Father to guide us to one of his children that was ready to hear his message. Well, as we were out contacting (knocking on doors). We came to this house that was divided into four different apartment units. So we just randomly chose a bell at the door and rang it. 
The bell we rang was to William, who lived on the top floor, we explained to him why were there and he let us come up. To make a long story short William and his wife Vivian had just moved into the apartment. They began to tell us that they had just arrived home 5 min before we got there.  They were in a good mood after just having a good discussion about god. They further elaborated that they are the only family now living in the apartment building and it is unusual for them to come down the steps when someone rings the bell to answer it.  They usually look out the window to see if they know the person, If not they just ignore them. 

After further discussion we found out that someone had told Vivian about the church before and she had a copy of the Restoration DVD. After teaching them the 1st Discussion they looked forward to meeting us again and are ready to receive their on copy of the Book of Mormon. I know for a surety that the Holy Spirit lead us to this apartment building and to this family, who was been prepared by the Lord to receive his message. 

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