Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 6th, 2011 -Comments from DJ about his first couple of weeks on his Mission

Hi All, the missionary life is hard work & it takes some getting use too. My days starts off the same everyday- wake up at 6:30 am exercise for 30 minutes, then shower, find something to eat for breakfast, then personal scripture study at 8 am until almost 9 am when companion study starts.

I have started this new year with a new exercise routine of  200 pushups & about 40 pull ups every morning. My goal to gradually work up to 400 pushups a day. Besides my exercise routine, I have learned a lot on my mission so far, but it comes to me slowly so it seems like I haven't learned that much yet. Like 2 Nephi 31: 10-11, which talks about following Jesus Christ, we use that sometimes when we want people to be baptized.

I am learning how to forget about myself everyday and to put the Lord first and go to work. Because missionary work is very awkward, you knock on peoples doors and just start talking to them about the gospel or have to call people, even though you know they don't want to talk to you. We do it anyway because its not about what you want its really about what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. 

I have only been on my Chicago mission now for 2 weeks and already had to give a talk on my 1st Sunday there and couple of spiritual thoughts the next week. The thing I love the most about being here is the variety of the good food of our dinner appointments. The 1st week it was homemade chicken noodle soup and I got the recipe so my cooking skills are getting up there. Then we had Japanese food (which was yummy!!!), Mexican, and just regular good food. Next week we will have some polish goodness! (lol). One guy heard that I am from the south so he is going to make me some grits- can't wait. 

The thing that I don't like about my mission is the fact that Chicago is soooo cold. We went contacting today my toes and fingers froze and almost fell off (Not literally but that is what it felt like). Because of this, me and my companion came up with an idea to go the local Target store and we had the idea of standing outside running up to people with a box (that had a hole cut with a veil covering the it so that people couldn't see in) and offer them a free gift. The box was wrapped in Christmas gift wrapping paper and it had a pretty bow on top. It was a pretty present that we called the "Jesus Box". We would run up to a people in the parking lot and offer them a free gift- some people was scared off, some thought that we was joking, then there was a few that actually put there hands in and got a free gift. In the "Jesus box" was an assortment of free gifts, for instance, pass along cards with the telephone number to call to receive a free copy of The Book of Mormon, Bible, Jesus DVD's, we also included some copies of the DVD's. We also included cards that answered the questions of the soul that had our phone number written on there and we taped gum, chips, and other stuff to some of them.  We think that the "Jesus Box" was a success so we are going to make up some new boxes and just leave them out at some shopping centers with a card that says "Please take a card free gift. We came up with a different design for these boxes that are open - like the ones you see in stores. We have set up something with the ward seminary teacher to teach the class about the importance of missionary work and we just might use one of our "Jesus Box".

So this is my life right now.  Bye All for Now!